Mobile Mount DC-DC Converters

Standard Series

Convert 20-50 VDC to 12 or 24 VDC negative ground output for powering communication/navigation equipment, on negative ground systems. (see Isolated series, opposite page for positive ground applications.) Ideal for powering voice and data transceivers in mobile applications.

Isolated & ISP Series

Isolated Series
As well as voltage conversion, this series provides input/output isolation, allowing use of negative ground electronics on off-highway vehicles which typically employ positive ground battery systems. May also be used as a Voltage Stabilizer for sensitive equipment.

ISP Series
offer the benefits of an isolated converter (above) plus protection against line transients and voltage spikes typically caused by large DC motors and switching transients often encountered on fork lifts, locomotives and light rail. A special circuit clamps input spikes to a safe level, protecting both the converter and the powered equipment.