Hot Swap Rectifiers
150 Watt Rectifiers
600 Watt Rectifiers 1.8kW
1000-2000 Watt
Rectifiers 6kW
2000 Watt Rectifiers, 14kW
Rackmount Rectifiers
Power Modules
Integrated w/ built-in battery
Power Function Manager
DC-DC Converters
Mobile Mount
DC-AC Inverters
Mobile Mount
Power Distribution
Circuit Breaker
Power Distribution System
Battery Chargers
Wall Mount
12, 24, 32 V; 8-95 Amps
Wall Mount Modular
12, 24 V; 67-100 Amps
Mobile Mount
12, 24 V; 8-35 Amps
Power Plants
DC Power Plants
Rackmount Power
Rack Accessories
Trays & Shelves
Remote Monitoring
Site Power Monitor
Site Monitor & Control
Batteries & Accessories
Battery Modules
Battery Trays & Shelves
Integrators & Isolators
Automatic Power Selector
Power Supplies
Mobile Mount
With built-in battery
Enclosure Power System
Pole or Wall Mount
Site Power System
RR Site Power System
Low Voltage Disconnects
Wall Mount
Disconnect Timer
Mobile DC UPS
StartGuard & Nav-Pac

Mobile Data Power System

DC Power Conditioners
12 & 24 Volt Stabilizers
Noise Filters
Digital Meters
Electrical Installation
Junction Boxes
Terminal Strips/Buss Bars
Phone Coms
Paging Speakers
Waterproof radio covers

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Power Disconnects

Low Voltage Disconnect

Discharging batteries beyond a critical low voltage can damage the batteries and/or load, and require a longer recharge interval. A low voltage disconnect prevents this condition. The LVD contains a sense and control circuit housed in a compact, rugged, vinyl-clad aluminum case. It is installed in-line between the battery and the load. The unit continually monitors battery voltage and if it falls below a preset voltage threshold, the load is automatically disconnected. When batteries are recharged past anotherpre-set voltage the load is reconnected. connect and disconnect points are user adjustable.

TMR-30: Disconnect Timer

Eliminate dead vehicle batteries caused by power drain from radios and data terminals that must operate while the engine is off. Allows use of accessory loads per programmed time limit while preserving battery for engine start