Bungalow & Remote Site Power System

Site Power SystemThe Bungalow and Remote Site Power System (RRSPS) series provides a DC power solution that integrates quickly with batteries, loads, and transmitters. Available in 12, 24 or 48 volt configurations, the compact 300 watt assembly contains: power supply with temperature compensated battery charger; and programmable alarm contacts, all in a rugged, vibration hardened compact case. Versatile installation options include wall mount, 19" rackmount, and DIN-Rail. Extreme operating temperature rating with convection cooling make the unit ideal for rail wayside bungalows, remote site shelters, pole mount enclosure applications, as well as private network base stations and microwave sites.


  • Well regulated noise free 300 watt output - maintains batteries with no interference to sensitive electronic loads
  • Charger output regulated by temperature compensation sensor with high voltage limit under extreme low temperatures (meets AREMA standards)
  • Low voltage disconnect option protects batteries from extreme discharge (feature activated by wiring configuration)
  • Output current indicator LEDs
  • Wide temperature operating range (-40 to +70° C) with convection cooling - no fans to service, meets AREMA standards
  • High input/output isolation ratings meet AREMA standards
  • Alarm contacts interface with remote monitor systems
  • Active load sharing allows wiring in N+1 configuration for redundancy and/or in parallel for higher current capacity
  • Hardened for high vibration enviroments in wayside applications
  • Optional Rack and DIN-Rail mounting bracket



All Models
All Models
RRSPS 12-20 100 - 275 VAC,
50 - 60 Hz.
12 20 12.25” W x 5.75” H x 2.45” D
RRSPS 24-10 24 10 (311mm x 146mm x 62mm)
RRSPS 48-6 48 6 3.4 Lbs./1.5 Kg.


Models RRSPS 12-20, RRSPS 24-10 & RRSPS 48-6

AC Input

Nominal: 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Voltage Range: 100-275V AC (full power output), 85-100V AC (reduced power output)
Frequency Range: 45-66Hz
Power Factor/Efficiency: >0.99 (full load)/87%
Input Fuses: Fuses in phase & neutral
Maximum Input Current: 4A @ 110 VAC, 2A @ 220 VAC
Input Voltage: Automatic shutdown, restarts automatically when correct voltage restored.
Input Rush: <2x maximum input current.

DC Output

  RRSPS 12-20 RRSPS 24-10 RRSPS 48-6
Nominal Voltage: 12V 24V 48V
Rated Voltage: 13.6V 27.2V 54V
Voltage Range: 11-15V 22-30V 44-60V
Maximum Current: 23A 10A 6A

Redundancy/Scalability: Ok to wire in parallel, active load sharing
Temperature Compensation: Output voltage slope adjustable 0.1 to 0.2%/°C; 3' cable with battery lug sensor provided
Line/Load: ±0.1%/±0.5% (no load to full load)
Hold-up Time: >15ms for 20% output voltage drop.
Start-up Time: Walk-in delay 2 seconds (depends on AC input voltage)


Current Limit: Adjustable to 50-100% of maximum rated current
Over Temp: Automatic current turndown, backup shutdown protection
Polarity Reversal: Output fuse with crowbar diode
Over Voltage: Adjustable limit
Noise: (under nominal conditions)
     Ripple <100Hz: <5mV rms
     Voice Band 100Hz to 5KHz: <1mV rms psophometric
     Wide Band 5kHz to 1 MHz: <5mV rms
     Peak to Peak 0 to 20MHz: <50mV p-p


Meets AREMA Standards

Input to Output: 4200V AC
Input to Chassis: 3500V AC (VDR to chassis removed.)
Output to Chassis: 2100V AC


Cooling: Convection cooled
Range: -40° to +70°C operating range; -10° to +60° @ 100% load rating. derate to 20% load below -10° C and above +60° C
Humidity: 5-95% RH (non-condensing)
Altitude: <7500m de-rate maximum ambient temperature by +4˚ C per 3000m above sea level


Case: Painted Aluminum
Mounting: Wall or enclosure back plane, vertical orientation
Dimensions: 12.25" W x 6.40" H x 2.45" D; (311mm x 163mm x 62mm)
Weight: 3.4 lbs.;1.5kg
     AC: IEC 320 universal connection, 3 foot power cord provided, NEMA 5-15R
     Output to Load: 4 way lumberg macromodule, screw style
     Output to Batteries: 4 way lumberg macromodule, screw style
     Temperature Sensor: 2 way lumberg macromodule, (pre-installed on 6 foot cable)
     Monitor Connection: RJ45

Standard Features

Output Current Indicator: Ten segment red LED "dot" display

Alarm and Indicator Controls:

Positive V out, Load share signal (in/out), External shutdown, Open collector 'off normal' alarm (OSVD, over temp. limit), LVD synchronisation signal (in/out) Temperature compensation input signal, Open collector rectifier fail (via 4k7 resistor), Open collector mains fail, Negative V out

Low Voltage Disconnect:
  RRSPS 12-20 RRSPS 24-10 RRSPS 48-6
Voltage Adjustment Range (Option*): 10-12V 19-24V 39-48V
* Activated by wiring configuration

Internal Alarm Card:

4x N.O or N.C (selectable) relay contacts with single common for rectifier fail, off normal, float low, float high. 1x VF changeover relay contact for mains fail. Relay contacts rated at 100V DC 1A. Connections via "mini combicon" connector accepts 16 AWG (1.5mm diameter) wire.

LED Indicators:

Green - AC on. (primary converter operating) Green - Temperature probe connected and within normal limits. Red - Rectifier 'failed'. Green - Rectifier in 'float' mode. Yellow - Rectifier in 'current' limit. Red - Rectifier 'off normal'.

Internal Adjustments:

Float voltage, Boost voltage, Over voltage shut down, Current limit, Temperature compensation slope, Auto
boost to float threshold limit, Load disconnect voltage, Load disconnect hysteresis voltage

Design Standards:

EN60950, Electrostatic Discharge: CISPR24, Radiated Radio Frequency: CISPR22, AC Harmonics: EN61000-3-2, AC Flicker and Fluctuation: EN61000-3-3, CE

Optional Equipment:

Rackmount Bracket, 19", 4 RU (7 inches), DIN-Rail Adapter Bracket

Specs subject to change.